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Suggested Breeding Protocol (For All Mares and Stallions)

The Objective

  1. To lessen the deleterious effects of genital tract infections prior to and
    at the time of service.
  2. To increase the immune response of the animal.
  3. To reduce, as far as possible, the colonization of certain pathogenic
    bacteria, viruses, and toxins within the uterus of the mare and on the
    penis of the stallion.

These objectives are accomplished by using all natural organic supplements
in concert.  Using Karbo Combo Pellets, mares will be more likely to settle
on time, and better use will be made of the stallion without antibiotic therapy.

Karbo Combo+
Karbo Combo is a combination of mannan and other oligosaccharides,
encapsulated bacteria, enzymes, and gylcoproteins supplemented in feed to
the equine at least 30 days prior to breeding.

  1. Blocks the proliferation of susceptible bacteria, viruses and toxins.
  2. Stimulates the immune response to better handle pathogenic
  3. Eliminates, as far as possible, latent infections before the advent of
  4. Ties up various deleterious toxins that interfere with the well being of
    the embryo in the early stages of development.

This natural approach will result in an improved uterine environment to
nourish and promote embryonic health and growth.  The use of Karbo
Combo Pellets at the rate of one ounce AM & PM four weeks prior to
enrolling in a breeding program has been extremely successful.  Following
breeding, a level of one ounce per day per 1000 lbs. is recommended to
protect the mare and the foal, until after the foal is six weeks old.

Protocol for Mares/Foals during Parturition  
With the advent of a foaling event rapidly approaching, now is the time to
prepare your mare and neonatal foal for the upcoming parturition.   
Bacteria, viruses, protozoa, toxins, fungi and other disease-causing elements
do not take a day off during this time in your mare’s life.   It is important for
every equine owner to take precautions and to be proactive in protecting
their mare and long awaited foal from pathogenic invaders.

One management practice is the proactive approach of using an equine
supplement specifically formulated to protect the equine during periods of
stress or increased exposure to disease, such as parturition.   The successful
technologies of lypholyzing (flash freezing), encapsulating and micronizing
beneficial bacteria have given us the ability to preserve the integrity of these
important organisms, making it possible for them to be transported across
the placental barrier from the mare to the neonate.   This approach has
opened up an entirely new way for clinicians and owners to stimulate the
immune systems of their mares and neonatal foals prior to parturition.  

The benefit of using such a supplement during this critical time of a mare’s
life is threefold.  
First, by feeding your mare a supplement that utilizes
specific strains of lypholyzed bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus,
Bifidobacterium, and bacillus organisms, the mare, through the uterus, can
provide her neonatal foal the benefits of these probiotics used in
combinations to enhance their developing immune response.   It has been
documented that “probiotics ingested by the mother in late gestation can
colonize the intestines of the neonatal offspring.”
1    Beneficial bacteria can
be transported into the amniotic fluid of the neonate and can colonize in the
gut of the neonate before birth.   At birth, the foal’s gut then has the ability to
efficiently produce metabolites and enzymes, and to efficiently maintain
internal microbial balance and assist in digestion with the aid of various
strains of lactic acid bacteria and bacillus that produce and secrete a range of
relevant enzymes.   The end result is a foal that is better equipped to produce
the antibodies necessary to help withstand the challenges of disease-
producing organisms.    

Second, a supplement has the ability to fortify the mare, so that her
colostrum passes on the organisms and antibodies necessary to help protect
the foal from the ravages of a bout with diarrhea or pneumonia, especially at
the time of the mare’s foal heat.   The old adage of “one ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure” is certainly apropos at this time in the youngster’s

Lastly, using a supplement like Karbo Combo for the mare and Karbo
Equine Essentials for the “at risk” foal under stressful conditions, many of
the pathogenic assaults can be avoided.   With the added benefit of immune
systems stimulation to both the mare and the foal, a hassle-free foaling event
is possible and practical.

1  Schultz M, Gattl C, Young RJ, et al.  Administration of oral probiotic bacteria to pregnant women causes temporary infantile
colonization. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2004;38:293-297.

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Breeding Protocol
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