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What is Karbo Flour+
    How long will a 5 lb. pail last me?
This chart shows you approximately how long a 5 pound pail of
Karbo Flour+ should last you if you follow the recommended feeding directions.
Weight of Equine
Regular Level
Maintenance Level
80 days
320 days
80 days
320 days
53 days
240 days
40 days
160 days
27 days
106 days
20 days
80 days
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(Same as Karbo Pellets+ only in Flour Form)

Karbo Flour+ is the original Karbo formula product. The primary function of this
flour form supplement is to bind and inactivate bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi
and toxins in animals and birds. Karbo Flour+ has proven effective in alleviating
multiple disease challenges and symptoms, and in boosting immunity. Karbo
Flour+ can be mixed with total daily rations, sprinkled on food portions or mixed
into soft foods. Karbo Flour+, when used with Epic II CL (
see product info),
provides even greater protection for your animals and birds.

The primary active ingredients in the Karbo Formula are mannan and glucan
sugars.  The mannan sugars contain oligosaccharides, which have proven, in animal
field trials, to reduce diarrhea, increase food intake, increase ADG (average daily
gain) and reduce feed costs.

Many pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and toxins in the GI tract, and
the whole body, are attracted to and attach themselves to the mannan sugars.  Once
attached to the sugars, or oligosaccharides, they become inactive, cannot colonize,
and are rafted out of the body.

In addition to the above, Karbo Flour+ contains natural diatomaceous earth,
calcium carbonate (CaCo3), calcium oxide (CaO), zinc oxide (ZnO), citrus
bioflavins, and encapsulated enzymes.  The above combination of natural
ingredients has proven to be very beneficial in stimulating the immune system and
providing a healthy gut to ward off attacks by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and

The addition of the proteolytic enzyme CL fortifies the Karbo Flour+ formula to
bind ammonia released during protein and amino acid breakdown.  High ammonia
levels are toxic to bacteria necessary for complete digestion.  The ammonia binding
by the CL enzymatic fraction is reversible, and the ammonia release takes place
when the level of ammonia present drops to a constant level.

In the digestive tract, the reversible binding of ammonia for amino acid synthesis
can create an additional pool of ammonia for amino acid synthesis.  This leads to
bacterial growth, which creates a more constant and uniform supply of
non-ammonia nitrogen with bacterial origin to the small intestine.

NOTE:  We Recommend you use Karbo Flour+ WITH Epic II CL for
maximum effect.  Karbo Combo+ combines the Karbo Flour+ and the Epic II CL
formula if you prefer a one step approach.
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